Find out what CrossFit is all about. Is it for you? Will you see improvement?

What makes Primitive CrossFit different?

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Why Choose us?

Primitive CrossFit is an exercise program designed to allow anyone to reach or exceed their fitness goals. It will keep you from living in a gym for many hours a day or spending thousands of dollars on personal trainers.

At Primitive CrossFit ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

We teach exercise movements that are transferable to everyday life. We will not stand on a ball twirling a hula hoop, unless you work for Barnum & Bailey. We don’t use weight machines. We teach you how to move using the most complex machine of all, your body.

We use an endless combination of exercises so you will not be bored with the same routine week after week. Many of our exercises come from three main sports Gymnastics, Weightlifting and Endurance sports. We teach these movements in a class with a certified coach.

Just come in and try it, you’ll know within the first few visits if CrossFit is for you.


Our Community

With our awesome community of members.  Primitive CrossFit is the right choice for you.
Primtitve CrossFit is one of the best communities in the Orange County area.


CEO, Presidents, Administrators…


That’s right 95% of our community is awesome

Ordinary Individuals

Well, there is nothing really ordinary about our community members, but they are just ordinary people…not athletes or super humans.

Cool People

Running out of ideas…but our people are cool.


Overall Matt is a great coach who cares about his clients and fosters a sense of community with in his gym.
I found Primitive Crossfit and from the first night I was hooked. Each day is something different and intense. Nothing like starting your day with a great workout.

Want To Improve Your Fitness Level? Try Primitive Crossfit!

We have an awesome community of members that work out in a class setting, pushing each other to be the best that they can be.  Some are at higher levels than others but that doesn’t stop them from all making each other feel good about their level.

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